Cellulite Treatment and Lymphatic drainage

Various methods are proposed from time to time for cellulite treatment. All with the assurance and promise that theyhave the “magic wand” and the final solution to the problem. The reality after an initial period of “enthusiasm” proves the difficulty, if not the impossibility of such a solution. The magnitude of the problem is confirmed by the fact that many who are professionally engaged in the subject, self-proclaimed “experts” suggesting that they offer “solutions”, are unaware that cellulite is a progressive disease of degenerative form (EFP- EdematousFibro-scleroticPanicculopathy). It is virtually impossible for someone who ignores the pathophysiology of a disease to be qualified and offer the right treatment.

Another huge problem in handling the issue is its large spread to the female population and consequently the commercialization resulting from two parameters:

  1. The great demand for treatment that creates similar economic data but also economic exploitation in the bad sense and
  2. The absence of any scientific control and documentation on applied therapies and “therapies”


It is important to emphasize that if any type of lymphoedema (primary or secondary) co-exists, cellulite is more frequent and severe.Lymphoedema should be treated first, otherwise any therapeutic effort to deal with the condition is by definition a failure. This suggests that the professional who wants to deal with cellulite treatment must necessarily be well trained in both the recognition and treatment of the Lymphoedema.

There is a widespread belief that lymphatic massage can provide cellulite treatment. This is not true. It only contributes when lymphoedemacoexists. The scientific way to reduce cellulite is the pioneer technology of LPG- Endermologie. It is operated and implemented with the approval of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The following study from medical researchproves the effect of Endermologie therapy on subcutaneous tissue with the following findings:

  1. Improvement of blood circulation at the rate of 400% in subcutaneous tissue, lasting at least 6 hours after the end of treatment.
  2. Lymphatic circulation improvement of 300% in subcutaneous tissue, lasting at least 3 hours after the end of treatment.

The aforementioned numbers have not yet been made available from any other method of treatment, including hand massage and lymphatic massage. Since then, the method has been tested with 110 medical studies, the results of which demonstrates the following (LAFONTAN M .: Evaluation of the Effects of LPG Technique on Lipolysis and Gene Expression Using Microdialysis and DNA Microarray Technologies, Clinical Investigation Center, Toulouse Hospital, Research Report 2009.):

+ 70% activation of lipolysis (fat reduction).
+ 240% increase in collagen production.
+ 160% increase in elastin production.


* Diploma thesis at Athens Technological Educational Institute of Aesthetic Evangelia Kassianidi.

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