The evolution of modern technology and knowledge gives you a definitive solution to the problem of cellulite. The Endermologie method is the only technique that heals edema that gathers in the fat tissue under the skin. This "abnormal" swelling resists any diet, exercise and even liposuction.

Endermologie therapy is the only medically acceptable solution to the cellulite problem. The treatment is targeting the following 5 axes:

  1. It restores the blood perfusion of the body and the problematic areas.
  2. Improving blood circulation leads to restoration of the metabolism and oxygenation of the affected area, resulting in the proper functioning of the cells and tissues.
  3. It restores the lymph circulation resulting in the elimination of the toxins that accumulate in the areas with cellulite and within the adipocytes themselves.
  4. It stimulates the receptors of the adipocyte wall by leading them to "empty" their swelling and "internal" toxins.
  5. By mechanically kneading it breaks the capsule surrounding cellulite, which makes it much easier to treat.

Throughout the treatments we offer free diet programs. In addition, a complete medical history is required, which is essential for proper treatment.

It is important to note that if clinical lymphoedema of any type (primary or secondary) occurs at the lower limbs, on the one hand cellulite is more frequent and severe and on the other hand lymphoedema must be treated first, otherwise any therapeutic effort to deal with the problem is by definition a failure.

Estimated number of sessions: 10-15 sessions depending on the problem

Estimated time per session: 1 hour

Estimated session frequency: 2-3 per week

Preparation before the session: No need

Remedy: No need