The youthful and shining face is our daily "constitutive letter". Very early in age and shortly after the age of 25, the natural renewal rate and production of collagen and elastin begins to decrease. Gradually, despite the care you offer the shine, firmness and elasticity of the face diminish. The facial skin gets blurred and dull, the first wrinkles appear (aging point) and the contour relaxes.

LPG has created exclusive and patented Endermolift innovative therapy. It is 100% absolutely natural anti-aging technique, has very fast and visible results and is not only completely painless, but it is extremely pleasant and relaxing. Very recent studies suggest the use of this treatment with a different protocol in treating migraine.

The Endermolift treatment also has good results in the areas of the: neck, chin, neckline and chest.

  • Estimated number of sessions: 8-12 sessions
  • Estimated time per session: 15-40 minutes
  • Estimated session frequency: 2 per week
  • Preparation before the session: No need
  • Remedy: No need