A youthful face is the promise of the most advanced modern biotechnology. Hyaluronic acid is a biotechnological achievement. It is a substance found naturally in every organism, it is mainly concentrated in the skin and keeps the skin glowing, fresh and firm.

Hyaluronic acid does not contain animal substances and does not even require sensitivity tests before it is applied. It is a sterile transparent jell that is used to fill scars and the facial wrinkles, mainly at the lower half of the face. The substance regenerates the volume and contour of the lips and restores the oval of the face and cheekbones. It easily and quickly fixes the imperfections by re-casting the lost glow and freshness of the face. It can be used even by young girls under the age of 30 to maintain the tone and the freshness of their face. It is one of the few products that have been approved by the FDA of USA.

Furthermore, it does not cause allergies, it does not contain plexiglas and therefore it is absolutely safe. It is the last word of cosmetic medicine in fighting wrinkles and facial facials. The results are excellent, immediate and lasting. The application of Hyaluronic in HighTech Med and the treatment is done by doctors only.

  • Estimated number of sessions: 1 session per year
  • Estimated time per session: 30 minutes
  • Pre-session preparation: No need
  • Remedy: No need