Loose Skin

The beautiful, healthy and well-groomed body is nowadays desire by both women and men. A strong enemy in this matter is the skin's loosening, which looks and is dull, fuzzy and wrinkled. It is caused by the loss of supporting connective tissue, which are collagen and elastin and its loss of moisture (dehydration).

The skin is the largest and heaviest organ of the human body with multiple properties and functions. But it is also a paramount element of our image. In addition to "normal" aging due to age and standing posture (e.g. buttocks), the skin is burdened by many factors, such as poor diet and obesity, sunbathing, pregnancy, smoking, alcohol, sedentary life, lack of exercise, etc.

The presence of even a little loose skin until recently was one of the most inconceivable problems of medicine and the solution was given usually in the operating room. However, the rapid development of technology and cosmetic medicine, which are capable of producing excellent non-invasive solutions, are the modern and successful way of coping. A natural, radical and in-depth reconstruction and regeneration of the skin is achieved. In many cases the results also shows significant breast lift on females.

The most modern method of Cosmetic Technology for skin tightening hears in the name of LPG-Endermologie. It is revolutionary state-of-the-art technology and in experienced hands it can reach amazing results. It restores the firmness and elasticity of the skin, restoring its brightness and youthfulness. It is absolutely safe, applies to the whole body and to people of all ages, regardless of sex and is performed all year around.