Spider and varicose veins

At Hightechmed, we first implemented in Greece and Cyprus the new method of using Radiofrequencies (RF). The results are spectacular and immediately on both the legs and the face, without causing burns and dichromate. The method can also be applied anywhere superficial on the body and is totally painless.

The treatment using the method RF - Radiofrequencies is the latest technology. International medical studies rank the RF method at a higher efficiency level than laser use.

The Radiofrequencies (RF) technique:

  • Treat with only one application.
  • It is applied in complete safety.
  • It's totally painless.
  • Allows a more accurate implementation of the problem.
  • It does not cause tissue burns or swelling (swelling).
  • It has excellent results even in "blue" spider veins.
  • It does not create white spots, scars or dermatitis.
  • It is applied to any part of the body.
  • It has lower costs.

In cases where there is a combination of spider veins and severe venous insufficiency (varicose veins), then the insufficiency problem must first be corrected and the spider veins should be treated at a second stage. The treatment of varicose veins is also done using the RF method and, if necessary, can be combined with sclerotherapy injections.

Estimated number of sessions:1-3 sessions

Estimated time per session: 1 hour

Preparation before the session:No need.