Sports Physiotherapy

The necessity and importance of athletic physiotherapy has now been recognized worldwide (LPG treatment on Z. Zidane). It is a mandatory supportive tool throughout the whole range of sports activities. Especially for athletes targeting the championship and / or professional level, it is self-evident the importance of achieving the following:
  1. Maximize the musculoskeletal potential and performance.
  2. Strengthen the cardiorespiratory system and improve endurance.
  3. Prevention of sports injuries.
  4. The rapid restoration of anatomical structures during the training and the athletic season.
  5. In the event of injury, direct and holistic treatment.
  6. Rehabilitation of psychosomatic equilibrium and reinforcement of self-esteem.

Athlete Miltiadis Andreas: Balkan’s Men's Champion (Gold metal) U23 2017 in Mountain Bike, Balkan Cross-Country Championship.

Cyprus Men's Champion 2017 in National Time Trial and Mountain Bike, National Cross-Country Championship.

Athlete Andreou Eleni: Balkan Cadet Girls Champion (Silver metal) 2017 in Mountain Bike, Balkan Cross- Country Championship.

Cadet Girls Champion 2017 in Mountain Bike, National Cross- Country Championship.

The main problems the athletes have to cope are:

  • Fatigue of the musculoskeletal system by the accumulation of metabolic products and toxins.
  • The creation of swellings and / or hematomas resulting from the excessive and repeated use and strain on the athlete's anatomical structures.
  • The muscular pains of immediate and/or delayed onset.
  • The significantly increased muscle tone-spasm of the limbs.
  • The increased fat percentage which proves to be particularly resistant despite the change in diet.

As a result of all these effects, there is a decline in the athlete's physical qualities (muscle strength, endurance, elasticity, propriety), so treatment should be directed directly to the tissues restoration.