Therapeutic goals

  1. Increased blood flow for rapid removal of toxic metabolic products after exercise, improved oxygen transfer, proteins and other useful ingredients for muscle recovery and re-operation, leading to homeostasis regulation.
  2. Elimination of acute or delayed muscular pain.
  3. Removal of “exhaustion” generated toxic substances (lactic acid).
  4. Augmentation of heart rate and blood pressure (systolic pressure).
  5. Increased lymphatic and blood circulation reduces fat, edema and hematoma and leads to complete tissue repair.
  6. Reduce muscle tone-spasm and enhance muscle relaxation.
  7. Improvement of the psychological state.
  8. Alignment of injured muscle fibers and ligaments and reduction of scar tissue (fibrosis) deposition.
  9. Dilution of adhesions and increase of elasticity.
  10. Ensuring psychosomatic balance and well-being.

HighTechMed pioneered Cyprus sporting events by introducing and applying the innovative Endermologie-approved FDA treatments. It is recalled that the original therapeutic applications of the method by the French inventors in the early 1980s were to treat burns and scars. It has been selected by many sports federations and world-class teams (e.g. Juventus F.C., Real Madrid F.C., French Cycling Federation - FCC), Physicists, Osteopathologists and Physiotherapists as the most appropriate treatment in more than 100 countries across the globe. Endermologie therapy, in the hands of well-trained and experienced staff, far exceeds the limits of classical physiotherapy, with immediate and spectacular results. It provokes a real revolution and, as has been said, "Sky is the limit".